Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Alex!

It's hard for me to believe that my baby is 3! Happy birthday to the sweetest, cutest, funniest, silliest & wittiest little boy I know. You amaze me everyday with how much personality you have & you keep me laughing all day long with everything you say!

Here are some things about Alex on his 3rd birthday...

 He loves his family!
He loves to sing and I love to listen to him sing! He sings all day long!
He loves to lay in mommy & daddy's bed & watch cartoons on Netflix.  And they have to be on Netflix. He knows which remote works Netflix & if you don't use it, he says "No, not on there. On the black one." (The Netflix remote is black.)
He doesn't like to eat meals but he loves to snack!
He loves to go to the playground.
He loves to play on the iPad, especially when Addy is already playing on it, lol!
He loves to ask "Why."
He LOVES LOVES LOVES popscicles.
He loves to say "that tickles", even when it doesn't tickle, lol.
He thinks he can drive!
He loves to play dress up.
He loves to take a bath.
He loves to be naked & is most of the time that he's at home! (I've learned there's really no use putting clothes on him because he just takes them right off!)
He loves to do puzzles & he's really good at them!
He's got this silly little laugh that he does sometimes. It makes me laugh everytime I hear it!
He takes after me in the patience department (which means he has none!)

And now: An interview with the birthday boy ...
(I saw this on Pinterest & think it's a really great idea, so I decided to do it.)

Mommy:" How old are you?"
Alex: (while showing me 3 fingers) "3, just like you Mommy!" ~ for some reason, my son really thinks that I am 3 years old, lol

Mommy: "Who's your best friend?"
Alex: "Clay" ~ we're going to be a sad sad family in 2 months when our great friends move :(

Mommy: "What's your favorite color?"
Alex: "Red! And Tolee likes red too!" (Oh wow, I didn't know that Tolee likes red too, lol! Btw, Tolee is from the cartoon Ni Hao Kai Lan on Nick Jr.)

Mommy: "What's your favorite food?"
Alex: "Rice" (that's funny because he hardly ever asks for rice)

Mommy: "What's your favorite toy?"
Alex: "Mr. Dinosaur"

Mommy: "What's your favorite cartoon?"
Alex: "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Mike the Knight too!"

Mommy: "Where do you like to go?"
Alex: "To the grocery store with you."~ I'm training this boy right, lol!

Mommy: "Who do you love?"
Alex: "Mommy, daddy, Addy & Rysa"

Mommy: "What do you like to do?"
Alex: "Go to the playground & go to Chuck E Cheese"

Then he interrupted our interview & asked me a question:
Alex: "Who is a big boy?"
Mommy: "Alex!?!"
Alex: "Yep, me!"

Mommy: "What's your favorite candy?"
Alex: "hershey kisses"

Mommy: "What was your favorite thing about your birthday party?"
Alex: "eating candy & playing"

And there you have it... Inside the mind of my crazy, wild, very spirited and sweet 3 year old boy!

Happy Birthday Alex!!

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