Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend - Part 2

After we left CiCi & PopPop's on Saturday, we went to MawMaw & Granddaddy's house and decorated Easter eggs.

Addy painted a few eggs.

And then she made Mawmaw go get the blow dryer so she could dry her eggs. Genius, I swear!

Alex started painting his eggs with a little bitty paint roller.

But then he decided finger painting is much more fun!

Dirty dirty hands = lots and lots of fun!

And of course, we dyed some eggs too!

Look how pretty they turned out!

When we were all done decorating the eggs, Addy picked these 5 for an egg hunt.

She hid them herself

and then went and found them! (Amazingly, she didn't even have to look to know there was an egg in this birdhouse, lol!)

And of course, Alex had to get in on the action & found a few himself.
(Addy wasn't too happy that he was hunting her eggs!)

On Sunday, Mawmaw & Granddaddy hid the rest of the eggs in the backyard for a big Easter egg hunt with Jules & Grant. Stay tuned for my Easter Weekend - Part 3 post to see more about that.

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