Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Gril's Slumber Party

Last last Friday night (April 13th), Aunt Susan hosted an all girl's slumber party. It was just for us all to take some time to get together & also to celebrate my mom's birthday.

We all arrived at Susan's around 7:00 on Friday night. We spent the evening eating, talking & just hanging out. (Molly left us Friday night after dinner because Clark got sick, poor guy.) On Saturday morning, Hannah went running with me. We ran 2 miles & she did great keeping up with me. Go Hannah!! Later that morning, we all went to the community garage sale & then spent some girl time shopping in Humble. That Saturday was also my mom's birthday so we sang Happy Birthday to her & ate a DELICIOUS brownie trifle (& I ate way too much!)
Here are some pictures from the 2 days of fun:

Hannah & Molly

Susan cooked us a delicious Italian dinner.

Hannah & Brooke

Chloe & Susan


sisters + Susan

Kelci & Chloe

This is what happens when you hang out with a tween, lol!

Shopping wore Chloe out!

The brownie trifle for Mom's birthday.

blowing out the candles

I got her a windchime for her birthday.

I really had such a great time hanging out with my sisters, my mom, my Aunt Susan, and my nieces. It's really HARD for me to drop everthing & leave my little family but I'm so glad that I did. Sometimes a small break does wonders, even when you don't realize that you need one. Thank you Aunt Susan for hosting the slumber party. I love you & can't wait for the next one!

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