Thursday, April 26, 2012

3 Year Check Up

On Monday, Alex had his 3 year check up with his pediatrician. He usually doesn't want to cooperate when we go to the doctor, but this time, since he's such a 'big boy', he did. He climbed up on the exam table & did exactly what the nurse asked of him. He let her check his blood pressure and listen to his heartbeat.

He took an eye test & passed with flying colors.

As for size, well he's still a big boy. He's 3 feet 4 inches tall and in the 95th percentile for height. Dr. Byrd said he's as tall as an average 4 year old! And he weighs 35lbs and is in the 40th percentile for weight. So he's a tall skinny boy, which we already knew. And luckily, he didn't have to get any shots! So overall, he had a great checkup.

While there, I also talked to Dr. Byrd about something that has been going on with Alex for the past couple of weeks. We think that he is hypoglycemic. One day each week for the past 3 weeks, Alex has thrown up in the morning. He is lethargic, grumpy and says his stomach hurts, but doesn't have fever or any other symptoms.

(This is him the first week, poor little guy)

But once he gets some food in his stomach, he seems to feel better. (Fish sticks seem to be the magic food, lol!) The first week I thought it was a stomach bug, the second week it was weird, maybe a coincidence or maybe he hadn't gotten over that stomach bug. But the third week it was just too much of a coincidence, so I did some Google research. And that is how I came up with hypoglycemia. All the symptoms seem to fit, especially the extreme irritability. So I talked to Dr. Byrd about it & he seemed to think it fit too. There is no need to test though unless it gets extremely bad because all we need to do to control it is to feed him. (Not that we were starving him, lol!) He doesn't like to eat in the morning when he gets up (and neither do I) but I have been forcing him to. And that's really all we have to do, just make sure he eats something as soon as he wakes up. And since we've been doing that, there has been no more throwing up! Yay!

So hopefully we won't have anymore problems with the hypoglycemia & other than that, Alex is a happy & healthy sweet little boy! I love him so much & I'm so glad that he's mine!

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