Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Playdate Easter Egg Hunt

We all had a lot going on before Easter, so we decided to have our playdate Easter egg hunt on the Wednesday after Easter. Which I'm sure the kids loved because it keep the Easter festivities going!

We met at the soccer fields & playground in the back of Sienna & we all brought a couple dozen eggs.

On your mark, get set, go!

It's funny to watch the kids hunt eggs at this age.
It's not about how many you find, it's about what's inside. They would all find an egg & then open it to see what was in it. If it was candy, it HAD to be eaten before looking for another egg.

And they get easily distracted. Alex found this really big stick, which was so much cooler than plastic Easter eggs!

Alex checking out his stash: a car, a sticker & fruit snacks. Score!!!


Alex crawled inside of the tunnel on the playground to get out of the sun.

There were a lot of mosquitos and it got real hot real fast, so we didn't play for long after the egg hunt. But that's ok because I'm sure all the kiddos still had lots of fun hunting eggs & eating the candy inside them!

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