Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend - Part 1

On Saturday we celebrated Easter at CiCi & PopPop's house (or their farm as Addy's been calling it!)

Kelci & Chloe were there.

And so were Jared, Boone,

Brooke & Charlie.

Molly was not feeling well so her sweet little family did not make it. They were surely missed by all.

It was really a beautiful day, so we spent a lot of time playing outside. We played Hide & Go Seek & Tag & then the kids got to do something really cool.... PICK CARROTS!!!

CiCi & PopPop have a small garden in their backyard and the carrots were ready to be picked. So CiCi brought Alex out & let him pick some.

He thought it was really cool!

So cool that he went inside & got PopPop & Addy to come out & pick some more.

Then Addy ran inside & got a stuffed bunny rabbit. Because what do you do with carrots? You feed them to bunnies of course!

I asked Alex if he wanted to feed Addy's bunny a carrot & he said "No, I'm going to feed the real bunny." And then he ran over to this bunny statue & fed it. (So apparently, this bunny is REAL!)

And of course Addy had to feed this bunny too.

And then they both fed this one. (And Alex said this one is not a buuny, it's a rabbit.)

And after carrot picking (or pulling I should say) CiCi & Addy tried to catch a few of these little guys. Sadly, they weren't able to. (I'm sure the lizards weren't too sad about it though, lol.)

We all had such fun playing at CiCi & PopPop's! Addy has been telling me everyday since then that she wants to go to CiCi & PopPop's farm! Hopefully we'll make it back there soon.

P.S. Nick & I were both there too. I guess I should post a picture of us. Sadly, this is the better of the 2 that mom took.
P.S.S. Forgive my stringy looking hair, I had been playing outside for a couple of hours with the kids.

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