Friday, May 18, 2012


Last year I planted a potted garden (because of Pepper the dog.) It did pretty good. I got several peppers, tomatoes & strawberries.

Since we no longer have Pepper, this year I bought seeds & had plans for a great big garden in my backyard. But that didn't happen! I'm always so busy & I just didn't feel like putting that much effort into making a garden. So I didn't. But I did go ahead & plant the seeds. And we ended up with the saddest little garden that you've probably ever seen!

I started planting & Alex said that he wanted to help. He said he was going to go get a shovel & he came back with a spoon!

And yes, he did use the spoon as his shovel. (And I did too, lol!)

I dug a few trenches & Alex poured the seeds into them.

I told Addy to come help us. She came over, looked at what Alex & I were doing & then she ran off. I thought, ok, I guess she doesn't want to help... And then a couple minutes later, Addy comes back with these plant stakes that she had made.




And so here's our little garden.

And look how much it's grown in just 2 weeks!

And since it has done so good, I'm planning on expanding it. I haven't exactly decided how though.


Here's another gardening project that I did. This big bush was right by my front porch and it attracted BEES! Not a good combination.

Everyday when we would get home, I could hear the bees buzzing around. I asked a couple of people what I could do to get rid of the bees & it seemed like my best option was to cut the bush down.

So that's what I did! And here's what I planted in it's place. 2 boxwoods, 2 knockout roses, 2 salvias, & 1 blue daze. I'm still waiting on my yard guy to come mulch it though.

I also planted 2 confederate roses (compliments of Pat) in my bakyard.

And 7 more along my fenceline. I can't wait for these to bloom!

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