Thursday, May 3, 2012

One Last Playdate...

Our good friends Britany & Keith moved to Atlanta this past weekend :( We were really sad to see them go.

Their son Clay is 6 months younger than Alex & they are great friends! (According to Alex, Clay is his best friend in the whole world & sometimes he even says Clay is his cousin.) Britany had a lot to finish up on Friday so Clay spent all day at our house. I'm really glad that the boys got to have this one last day to play together. 

playing in the dirtbox (I filled the sandbox with a couple bags of topsoil because Alex always wanted to dig in my flowerbeds.)

having a snack in the clubhouse

playing with the water hose

Look at that sweet wet boy!

I dug up a plant right here & haven't filled in the hole yet. And since the boys were playing with the water hose, the hole became a muddy pool. Alex thought that was really really cool!

Standing in that hole = THIS (which meant it was bath time after playing outside!)

Clay was not so sure about the big muddy hole. He went for the smaller, less muddy hole. Good choice Clay, good choice!

After playing outside, the boys got a bath, ate pizza for dinner & played inside the rest of the evening.

homemade angry birds

Alex is still young & doesn't get the concept that Clay moved. Which I think will probably make it easier on him. Clay (and his mommy & daddy) will be missed by not only Alex, but also Addy (who says "Let's go to Clay's house") and this mommy right here.

Goodbye friends... I hope Georgia treats you right. We love & miss ya'll & hope to see you soon!

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