Friday, May 11, 2012

Playing with the Cuzins

The weekend before last, Molly, Hannah & Clark came over to hang out for the day.

We played on the swingset

and monkey bars.

We played baseball (which Clark is really good at!)

We rode the rollercoaster. (Well, they rode the rollercoaster, I did not. I'm too big to ride that rollercoaster!)

We played hide & seek. (Clark hiding in the clubhouse.)

And we played with the stomp rocket. (And I got it stuck on the roof & had to get a ladder & climb up & get it.)

We had a picnic lunch on the back porch.

We went for a walk. The girls walked

& the boys rode in the wagon.

The plan was to walk to the lake & feed bread to the ducks. But as soon as we got near the water, I spotted a snake slithering out of the water & so we RAN back to the sidewalk & walked back home.

And we made cupcakes.

Aren't these some pretty cupcakes! Strawberry & chocolate with sprinkles!

And not only were they pretty, but they were really yummy too!

And Addy even ate a couple chocolate ones (no icing though. She's so my child!!!)

I was so glad that the kids got to spend the day playing with their cousins. They both had lots of fun & I did too. We can't wait to have another playdate with them!

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