Sunday, May 27, 2012

Nature Walk

Last week Nick & I took the kids on a nature walk around the neighborhood.

I made up a picture chart for them to bring along & they checked off each item as we found it.

Heading out on our walk

Addy checking off her first find... Ducks in the pond

Alex needed a little help to check off his list.

Hurray for nature walks!

"Come on Mommy!"

My sweet girl

We found flowers.

We found rocks.

We found clovers.

We found leaves!

We found a bird & a tree!

We found dandelions (which weren't on our list but are lots of fun!)

We were almost home & still hadn't found a squirrel. Addy was not too happy about this. She's quite a perfectionist & had to have her list completed before we could go home.

Alex said he was "running out of walking power" so Nick carried him until his power was restored.

Once his power was restored, Alex & Addy ran along the fence dragging a stick. Daddy taught them this fun trick!

We made it home with everything checked off on our list. And even though we all had a great time, it'll probably be awhile before we go on another nature walk. It's already just way too hot in Texas!

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