Tuesday, May 1, 2012


The last couple of weeks have flown by. It seems like we've been super busy, but honestly, there hasn't been that much going on. Just your normal day to day activites & appointments, but those are the things that keep me busy. So here's what's been going on in our home...

Alex had a dentist appointment. He had his teeth cleaned & got one filling. His top 2 teeth in the front are really close together & now I have to floss them. And yes, that has been lots of fun!

We were playing around while waiting for the dentist.

I went to Peyton's 10th birthday party. I had a great time seeing everyone & catching up. I played on the Velcro wall with Jessica. It was a lot of fun but the suits were VERY uncomfortable!

The weather has been ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL lately so we've been playing in the backyard a lot.

The kids LOVE to water my plants.

Because of the building restrictions in our area, there aren't any snow cone stands around :( But luckily, there is a Kona shaved ice truck that comes around every couple of weeks so that we can get our snow cone fix!

I ran over some random piece of metal in the street & woke up the next morning with a flat tire. So Nick had to change my tire for me & then Alex & I spent 2 hours at Discount Tire. We made the most of it by walking around, hiding & Alex pretending that he was a boat captain & the rims were his steering wheel.

Alex really wanted to help change my tire but he settled for getting to watch.

This is what the guys at Discount pulled out of my tire.

Last time we were in Beaumont, Nick & I went on our April date. It was another dinner & a movie night. We ate at our very very favorite restaurant Carmela's and then went & saw The Hunger Games.

The kids and I have been having fun with flowers. I showed them how to make flower necklaces & how to blow on dandelions.

And of course we've been going to the playground as often as possible.

racing down the slide

walking the 'tightrope' around the playground

Well I guess that's about it. So now you guys are all caught up with what's been going on in our house. Leave me a comment & let me know what's been going on in yours.

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