Friday, September 14, 2012

Insta Friday

It's Friday & once again I'm posting this on time! What what!!

If you remember last week, the kids were sick. By Saturday they were feeling better & wanting to get out of the house. So we walked to the playground at Addy's school for a little play time.
And of course Teddy & Mr. Dinousar had to go too.
On Sunday we took a family shopping trip to get Addy some dance shoes & Alex a T ball glove. Addy wanted the windows rolled down & loved having the wind blow in her face.
Day 9: something we usually do on the weekend... eat pizza
Addy played lots of dress up this week. She was a cowgirl.
She was a mommy,
 a pirate,
 and a princess.
Addy was looking for Bailey & Alex spotted him in the bushes. He pointed to Bay & said "Look mommy, I found Bailey. And you're right, I do have really great eyesight!" Lol. (What makes this so funny is I didn't tell him he had really great eyesight.)
Day 10: black & white... A sweet Bailey kitty hiding in the bushes. (I wonder who he's hiding from, lol!)
Monday night I brought Addy to the Girl Scouts membership rally. They let all the Daisy aged girls (Kinder & 1st graders) make a smore swap. (Swaps are little homemade trinkets that girl scouts trade with each other.) I got her registered & even volunteered to be the leader of a new troop!
Day 12: together...Nick was out out town Monday night so I let my babies snuggle up in my bed together.
Tuesday was the first birthday bakers of the school year. I made white chocolate oreo balls & chocolate chip cookie dough truffles for the teachers. They may not look that great but they tasted delicious! Click here if you want the recipe for the cookie dough truffles. (Because I know you all know how to make oreo balls already.)
On Wednesday, Alex had playdate with his friends.
And that night he had his first T ball practice. He loved it! Be on the look out for a separate post on T ball.
On Thursday, Alex had his second sports skills class at The Little Gym. They were still focusing on soccer & learned about being the goalie. He did much better this time & maybe in another week or 2 he'll actually participate without me being in the room.
Thursday night Addy had her first dance class. She loved loved loved it! Again, a separate post on this will soon follow.
There were a couple worksheets in Addy's folder on Friday after school. As I was checking out her work, I noticed the names on 2 of her papers... Me & Mom... Alex & Daddy. I think it's pretty sweet that she includes the whole family in her school work.
It was a really busy week & with everything I signed the kids up for, I know we are going to have many more just like this one! Hopefully I'll survive the fall, lol!

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