Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fall Ball

Well you all know that I signed Alex up to play T ball this fall. I thought a lot about it & decided that it would be good for him. Maybe help him come out of his shyness shell a little bit.
Last Sunday, we went to buy him a glove. He was totally NOT interested. He could care less about picking out & trying on a glove. And he didn't care about the balls either. He wanted to go look in the toy section & he picked out a Dora bubble blower. And that is all he cared about.
When we got home, Nick said maybe he's too young to play. Maybe I should just not bring him to practice. I was really starting to stress about it & second guessing myself for signing him up. But I had already paid for him to play & I couldn't get the money back so I decided we'd at least try it out.
Wednesday at 6:30 was his first practice. And as it turns out, I got myself all worked up for nothing. He absolutely loved it!

We got there a couple of minutes late & the boys (& 1 girl) were breaking up into small groups to work on different skills. Alex was in the group that was batting first. He put a helmet on, picked up a bat & was ready to hit the ball!
Great contact!
He hit the ball & ran to first base!
Next he worked on catching
and throwing.
And how to catch balls rolling on the ground. (There is probably a term for this but I don't know baseball lingo. I'm sure I'll be learning it over the next few months though.)
I LOVE this picture. Look at that excitment on his face!
After the kids practiced each skill, they played a quick game.
Alex hit the ball & ran to first. Then he ran to each base as the other players hit the ball. Here he is after reaching home plate. (I told Nick he made a homerun, but Nick said that is not called a homerun. And once again, I know nothing about baseball, lol!)
Alex loved t ball practice so much that he didn't want to leave when it was over. He did great socially & really listened to his coaches. I'm very proud of him & excited that he wants to play. I bought him a bat & ball today so he can practice his mad t ball skills at home too! Tomorrow is his second practice & next Monday will be his first game. I can't wait to see how that goes!

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  1. haha...I've never read your blog before but I may have to start if they are this funny. Nick correcting your baseball terminology has made me lol. Great pics of Uncle Bill's mini-me, he looks like he is having a blast! - marshall


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