Friday, September 21, 2012

My Beautiful Ballerina

A couple of weeks ago, Addy told me that she wanted to take a ballet class. So I called around in search of a class that would be a great fit for her. And what I found was a mixed dance class at The Little Gym where they do 15 minutes of tap, 15 minutes of ballet & 30 minutes of gymnastics.

 Her first class was last Thursday. And she absolutley LOVED it!
(And her second class was yesterday.)
Doesn't she look so sweet in her ballet outfit!
Tap Time... For some reason Addy didn't want to wear her tap shoes. So she did her tap moves in her tights. (She did wear her tap shoes during her second class though.)
Working on her ballet walks (Just like baseball, I'm sure there's probably some ballet terminology I need to learn, lol)
About to do a handstand
Walking on the balance beam
Hanging on the bars
Addy did awesome in class! She's such a visual learner, so she would watch what the other girls in the class were doing & then copy them.  And her teacher was really great with her & kept redirecting Addy whenever she would get distracted. The class is really small (the first week there were 4 girls counting Addy & yesterday there were only 3) which makes it easier for her to get all the help & direction that she neeeds. I'm so glad that she is enjoying herself. She is just growing & maturing so much & I could not be prouder of my beautiful ballerina!

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