Sunday, September 2, 2012

Insta-Friday (Ok, it's really Insta-Sunday)

I'm a day (ok 2) late on this post, but I guess it's better late than never, right!

Addy picked out her clothes on Sunday. I love her sense of style!
Alex has been sad that Addy is back in school. On Tuesday he cried when we dropped her off. And when we got home, he refused to get out of the car. So I rolled down the windows & let him play for a few minutes. He leaned out the window & told me "Hand over your keys Mommy, I'm going to get Addy!"
Someone got another haircut. And he did great this time. No crying. No refusing. Just sat in the chair & let the lady cut his hair.
After his haircut, we went & ate lunch at Don Julios, the new Mexican restaurant in Sienna. It was our first time to try it & it was good. Which is great news because there are not a lot of good Mexican restaurants that are close to us & you guys know I love Mexican food!!!
Addy was laying on the couch watching TV. Alex told her he wanted to "jump in." So Addy scooted over & Alex laid down beside her. It was so cute to see them laying together.
On Thursday I took Alex to the Little Gym to try out their Sports Skills class. It did NOT go great, but I'll do a separate post on that & let you know all about it.
 After Sports Skills, we met a friend at Pei Wei for lunch. It was Alex's first time to ever use chopsticks & he was able to pick up rice & get it in his mouth! How 'bout that form though, lol!
Thursday evening, Addy got some ranch dressing on her shirt. So she took it off & went & put it in the washer. And then she started the washer! I was shocked she knew how to do it! Are all kids this appliance savvy or is it just mine?
Addy wanted some popcorn, so Alex said he would make it for her. He got out the step stool & put the bag in the microwave. I showed him the popcorn button & he pushed it. I had to help him when it was done though, because the bag was too hot for him. What a sweet brother to make his sister a snack.
Check out that cool Jake & the Neverland Pirates tattoo.
Nick bought a bowflex & Alex loves it. He says he needs to excercise so that he can be strong & healthy. It's pretty cute to watch him, but also good to know that Nick & I are being good examples to our children.
On Friday, Nick went to lunch with me & Alex. Alex wanted to go back to Don Julios because they have a soft serve ice cream machine! (OK, who am I kidding, I wanted to go back too because they have yummy chicken fajitas!)
Friday night, we headed to Beaumont for the weekend.
Nick & I went on our monthly date. (We just squeaked it in on August 31st!) We ate dinner at Outback & debated over which movie to see. Since we couldn't come to an agreement, we decided to just go to Toys R Us & get birthday presents for Boone & Charlie. (I know, a little last minute.) And guess what, we still had a lot of fun on our date, because it's not what we do, it's that we're doing it together!
And you know I can't take a trip to the Golden Triangle & not eat at Carmela's! So on Saturday, Nick & I went there for lunch. An early lunch. Like we pulled in the parking lot at 10:50 & I made us wait til 11 to go in because I was embarrassed that we were there so early, lol.
Saturday afternoon, the kids & I went to Boone & Charlie's birthday party. Be on the look out for a separate post on this too.
And Saturday night, Nick, his brother & I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch Alabama's season opener. It was a great game & Bama won by a lot! Roll Tide!

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