Friday, September 7, 2012

Insta Friday

It's Friday again & this week I'm actually posting this on time! What!!! (I'm sure it's only because I have 2 sick kids that are both napping right now. So don't expect it to happen again, lol.)
Here is what has been going on in our home this week...
The kids played a lot of dress up...
Addy was a nurse. She's wearing a nurse hat & has a basket of rags, soap & band aids. Everything a nurse would need!
She also pretended to be a puppy. She put on puppy paw mittens, winter boots for furry legs & then made herself bowls of food & water.
And I'm not sure what this outfit is supposed to be, but it's definitely awesome!!!
Alex & I took a trip to Hobby Lobby to get a few supplies to make this.
And while we were there, we browsed the Christmas aisles. Aren't these stockings adorable!
Alex & I were playing hide-n-seek. It was his turn to hide. He found a great spot inside my shirt, lol!
The school nurse called me Thursday & said that Addy was running a low grade fever and complaining that her throat hurt.
She's still feeling bad today.
Alex was sick Wednesday & Thursday & then woke up today covered in hives. Literally from head to toe.
I finally got him to take some Benadryl. (We made a compromise. He wanted to mop the kitchen & I told him he could after he took his medicine.That's a win win for me!) It knocked him out & hopefully when he wakes up he'll look better.
As you can see, with 2 sick kids it's been a pretty low key week. I'm sure next week when they are feeling better we'll be back to our on the GO GO GO selves!

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