Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hawaii Interesting Photos

I took a million pictures while we were in Hawaii! I tried to be semi selective on which photos to use while blogging so that my posts wouldn't be TOO LONG!  So this post is just some pictures of things that I liked or found interesting....

banyan trees - I'd never seen one before. They're really cool. The roots grow down from the branches & back into the ground. This is a really big one in the park beside the zoo.

lifeguard rescue on the beach

I really like the roof on this church!

ABC Stores - Our bus driver told us the locals call them "All Blocks Covered" because there is LITERALLY one (or 2 or 3) on EVERY block in Waikiki!

The Duke Kahanamoku Statue - He was a famous Hawaiian surfer.

a bumper sticker

at least he's honest, right!?!

These are the leaves on a plant at Pearl Harbor. I think the leaves look like octopus tentacles.

another plant at Pearl Harbor that was growing in the water

Hyatt employees were picketing the whole time we were there.

KeiKi - the Hawaiian word for baby

drawn with sidewalk chalk

They have yellow fire trucks in Hawaii!

The Bus

This wave is made of jeans.

Obama is apparently from Hawaii (I didn't know this before our trip.)

Really!!!!!!! (& NO, I didn't buy any!)
(Spam is a big thing in Hawaii! It's on a lot of the menus & you can even buy a spam ball which is a ball of white rice with spam on top! Uhh, gross!)

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