Saturday, July 2, 2011

An univited guest...

Look at this guy I found on my tomato plant. I was so excited! Yay, a caterpillar, I thought this is going to be a great science experiment for the kids!!!
I looked online to make sure this little guy wasn't poisonous & he's not. But guess what, he's a tomato hornworm. (Notice the little horn on his hiney) Not good! Not good at all!
Then I looked around & noticed that he had eaten A LOT of my tomato plant. So I thought I would keep him anyway & we would watch him turn into a butterfly. But then I read that he turns into a moth, so that's no fun! It said the only way to get rid of this little creature is to smush it or drown it. Those both seemed like really mean choices so I took him across the street to some bushes to live a long & tomato free life!
But the very next day this little guy was right back in my yard, but this time on my jalapeno plant, just a munching away & fatter than before!
I planned on moving him farther away this time, but he jumped off my plastic shovel & landed in a pail of water. So sadly he drowned, but luckily for my plants he will not be making a repeat appearance at my house!

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