Thursday, July 21, 2011

My sweet son

I've always heard that little boys LOVE their mommies & that rings true with Alex. He is an absolute sweetie & Nick says that Alex is my little protector for life.

I was working out one night & I yelled "oh god!" Alex came running into the living room & looked at me & said "You ok mommy?" He had to come make sure I was ok. So sweet!

The other night Nick was already asleep & I went & put Alex in bed beside him. I snuggled him up, kissed him & told him I loved him & goodnight. As I was walking to the bedroom door, he sweetly said, "Mommy." I turned & said "yea buddy?" & he said "Goodnight mommy." :)

This morning when he woke up, I laid down & snuggled up to him & said "I love you baby!" & Alex said "No, I love you mommy!" Nothing melts my heart faster then hearing my kids tell me they love me!

He shoots me with his toy gun & then says "Sorry mommy."

He always says "Thank you mommy" when I help him with something.

When he hugs me, he sweetly pats my back. And when he kisses me, he pulls my face into his.

When he's laying in bed watching tv, he tells me to "Hop in!"

I hurt my back & he's been rubbing it for me & even kisses it to make it better. Then he tells my "back all better, mommy."

And he loves everyone to be all together all the time. He always wants mommy & daddy & Addy & Maryse & Alex to be together. And MawMaw & Granddaddy. And CiCi & PopPop.

I love that little 2 year old so much!!

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