Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Trip to the Children's Museum

Yesterday, I took Maryse, Addy & Alex to the Children's Museum. It's one of our favorite places & yesterday's trip was extremely fun! Be prepared, I'm posting A LOT of pictures!!

We started out in the How Does It Work exhibit.


Then we visited the new exhibit Out On A Limb.
This exhibit is all about nature: trees, birds, weather, insects, etc...

You can write your name or a message & hang it on the tree.
Addy wrote her name & Maryse helped her hang it.

And of course Maryse had to hang her name too!

When you bang on this, it sounds like thunder. So of course, Alex loved it!

This is a wind tunnel that you put fake leaves in & they "blow in the wind." Really cool!

Addy had to rake all the leaves after they fell out of the wind tunnel.

I love this tree!

Next we visited the Matter Factory.

And then to PowerPlay!

Cyberchase was next.

And then on to the Invention Convention, which is our favorite place in the museum.
We made a rocket & here Alex is getting ready to launch it.

You can build cars with Legos & race them down this track.

We built this tower. Alex was amazed because it was taller than he was.

When I was finally able to pull Addy away Invention Convention, we headed back upstairs to Kidtropolis, USA! We shopped at HEB,

drove the police car,

and watched an election.

It was Harry Potter day at the museum
so on the way out, we stopped at the craft tables & made a wizard wardrobe for Addy!
We had a super, fantastic day & I can't wait til we go back!!

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