Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Mini Bribe for a Mini Vacation...

Nick & I left the kids with his parents for a couple of days & had a little mini vacation. It was our first time ever to leave the kids for more than 1 night. We had fun but missed our sweet babies like crazy! When we got back to Lumberton on Thursday, we bribed the kids to forgive us for leaving them!!!

First with a trip to Chuck E. Cheese
(or Chuck Cheese as Alex calls it)
(Be forewarned that some of these pictures are a little out of focus. I forgot my camera & had to use my phone.)

I love this pose! & Addy loved this game!

And then on Friday with a trip to the Port Neches Splash Park
As you can see, Addy loved the splash park.

But Alex was tired & hungry & got water in his ear & was READY TO GO!
(Don't you just love this expression )

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