Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's craft time again... Elephant Watering Can

Here's a fun & easy craft that we made this weekend. I saw this in Disney's Family Fun magazine. (Btw, if you have kids & don't get this magazine, you are missing out.)
Anyways... back to the craft now.
You will need:
2 milk jugs
1 milk jug lid
foam or construction paper
hot glue gun
Start by drawing 2 circles on the foam or construction paper to make the ears.
I traced a bowl to make my circles.
Cut the circles out & glue one on each side of the milk jug.
Next cut out circles for the eyes (or you could use googly eyes.)
I cut a green foam circle & a smaller white circle. Then I colored black on the eyes.
Then glue the eyes to milk jug.
Cut a circle in the lid of the milk jug & then put the lid back on the jug.
Take the second milk jug & cut off the handle. You can throw the rest of the jug away.
Cut small slits around one end of the handle. This will help it bend better.
Glue the slit end of the handle to the top of the milk jug lid. This will make the elephant's trunk.
Now your watering can is ready to use!

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