Friday, July 29, 2011

Water Balloons

Yesterday, the kids & I met the Sienna Homeschooling Group at the park for their weekly playdate. We have gone a couple of times, but not much this summer because it has just been too dang hot to play outside. But yesterday a couple of members brought water balloons, so how could we not go! I didn't have any balloons, so instead I brought a couple of water guns. I haven't had a water balloon fight in years & let me tell you, it was lots of fun! Even with me taking pictures & trying not to get too wet, it was still a blast. Alex was a little unsure at first, until I threw a balloon at him. Then he got it. He threw them at me & Addy, no one else though because he gets so shy. Addy knew what to do right away! And she had no problem throwing balloons at kids she didn't know! It was a great day of some good wet fun and I want to do it again soon! And no pictures next time because I plan on getting SOAKED!

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