Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Last night Alex & I were playing in the living room & I heard Addy get the broom out. These thoughts run through my head... Oh, she's sweeping, ok, well no big deal. Let her have a little fun with the broom, just hope she doesn't break anything.... Well, the good news is she didn't break anything! But I was quite surpised when I walked into the kitchen & found Addy, the broom, a SUPER SOAKING WET floor & a cup resting in the corner by the refridgerator. Hmmm, looks like maybe she got the broom & the mop mixed up! Lol! My guess is she was getting some water from the fridge & spilled it so she decided to "mop" up her mess & that was so much fun that she decided to "spill" more water & mop it too! Or maybe she's a mind reader & knew that I was planning on mopping after she & Alex were in bed so she decided to help me out! (probably not, lol) Anyway, I went ahead & mopped (I had to do it right then or anyone stepping in the kitchen would have busted it!) & my sweet little Addy helped me out in the hallway! (So maybe she was being a little helper. And I guess that would make her a mind reader too. Now that's something that I wouldn't be surprised at!)
& yes, yellow "B" even helped mop!

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