Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yesterday afternoon, I walked out on the front porch & saw the cutest thing, seven baby ducklings walking across my yard.

 I ran inside & grabbed my camera. I must have seemed frantic because Maryse came running out after me to see what was going on. I started snapping pictures & sent Maryse inside to get Addy (since she wouldn't walk, even with her brace.) I was worried about the fact that they were so far away from the water & without their mommy so I told Maryse to keep an eye on them while I ran inside to get a box to put them in. Once we got them in the box, we brought them to the porch so that Addy could see them. She loves animals so she was really excited! She held one, but not for long because she was squeezing it a little too tight.

We brought Alex outside & he petted the ducklings for a minute & said that "they are so cute!" Then I put Alex & Addy in the wagon & Maryse grabbed the ducklings & we walked to the lake & released them. Maryse took the first duckling out of the box & placed it in the water. He swam around for a second & then climbed out onto the rocks.

 Then Maryse placed another little duck in the water & that first duck jumped right back in the water & swam up to his sibling. It was so sweet, he was apparently looking for his brothers & sisters! It was cute to watch them swim off in a little group together. I sure hope they are ok & found their way home!

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