Friday, September 23, 2011

Hawaii - Day 2 (Tuesday, 9/13)

After passing out at 5 pm on Monday, I woke up around 1 am on Tuesday morning (6 am Houston time!) I made myself go back to sleep for a couple more hours, but by 3 am both Nick & I were awake. Ovbiously, we didn't go out at 3, but we did get up & get moving & were out the hotel door by 5:30 that morning! (Very very unlike me!!!)

We had read about this great little place for breakfast called Eggs N Things, so we decided to walk there. We were lucky that we got there when we did, because about 5 minutes later the place filled up! That's because their food is DELICIOUS!  I ordered Portugese sausage & eggs & Nick ordered the spinach, bacon & cheese omelet with macadian nut pancakes!

This is a waitress at Eggs N Things. Check out her awesome apron.
It goes all the way down her legs & ties in the back of them!

We completely stuffed ourselves, but guess what, we were on vacation, so who cares!
 Then we walked along Waikiki beach to our hotel to get ready for the day.

Once again, we set off on foot, this time we headed to Diamond Head State Monument. It was about a 2 mile walk & then another mile and a half to the top of Diamond Head & back down again. It was a long trek but well worth the beautiful scenery along the way!

Beware of falling rocks (that'll sure make you feel safe!)
Almost to the top of Diamond Head
The creepy stairs at the very top.

View from the top

When we got back to the bottom, we decided that we deserved a treat after all our hard work, so we split a pineapple & strawberry hawaiian shaved ice. It was really really good!

Then we decided that we wanted to go to a little beach town about 20 miles away called Kailua. So we decided to grab a cab. Big mistake! The cab ride cost us $80! I was staring at the meter the whole time & I swear I was going to having a heart attack! But we laugh about it now. Just another adventure that we had while in Hawaii! We definitley learned our lesson, Don't take a cab in Hawaii!
We did see some beautiful sights along the way though!

KoKo Head - We're definitley climbing this next time we visit Hawaii!

We made it to Kailua & it was well worth the cab fare!
Kailua Beach Park was the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. It was absolutely gorgeous!  We spent several hours laying on the beach & swimming in the crystal clear blue water.

After about 2 hours we walked from the beach to the town (about a mile) and ate lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. We split a Habaneros Carnitas Pizza. It's a pulled pork pizza with spicy habanero sauce & it was DELICIOUS! Then we walked over to Salvation Army & found some cool Hawaiian t shirts for super cheap! 

We walked back to the beach & spent about 2 more hours there. It rained on us twice, but we just got in the water while it was raining & it quickly blew over.

Cute little sign at a house along the road to the beach

swimming in the rain

Around 3 or so we walked back to the town & caught "The Bus" (Hawaiian public transportation) back to our hotel in Honolulu. It took about an hour but only cost $2.50 each! (I guess that made up for the cab!) We got back to our hotel, showered & changed clothes & were ready for dinner. We were hungry but TIRED from our day so we went to the Sansei Sushi Bar in the hotel right across the street from us. We split 3 dishes - shrimp dynamite, the mango crab salad handroll & the special roll, all very yummy!

view from our table on the balcony

Then we walked over to Yogurt Blend & split a frozen yogurt.  We really were exhausted so we went back to the hotel & were in bed by 7:45!

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