Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Zoo

Last Thursday, Addy had an appointment with another orthopedic, this time in the med center. (He said she was fine, we could take the brace off & make her walk. Well, all is not fine & I'm getting a second opinion, but really, this will be a whole other post because there is still too much going on with her knee.)

Anyways... Since we had hit the trifecta (we were already in the med center, Addy was out of school for the day & the weather was unusually nice) I decided that we would go to one of Addy's favorite places, the Houston Zoo!

And because it wasn't as warm as it had been lately, almost all the animals were out. That made one certain little girl VERY happy!
This little guy was hanging around outside the zoo.
Alex threw him a goldfish & he ran right up to us to get it.

The big male Asian elephant
Alex wanted to "pet" the jaguar.
The leopard was laying right by the fence, licking his paws
(just like Bailey does.)
Lions & tigers (& bears, oh my!)

They weren't an exhibit but Alex still thought these birds were pretty cool.
Addy & Alex in the African huts.
Playing the African drums
Chimp                                              Ostrich
Does anyone else think this looks like a 2 headed rhino?
We stumbled across somthing really cool in the African exhibit. You can pay to feed lettuce to the giraffes, so of course we had to do it. Look at this guy! He was hungry & waiting!
Addy thought this was so cool & even tried to pet the giraffe. Alex though, he was a little unsure & quickly backed away as the giraffe took the lettuce from him. I think it was just a little TOO CLOSE for him.
My kids are so funny. They both were so excited to ride on the carousel. Addy said she wanted to ride the elephant & Alex wanted to ride the zebra. But then once we got on, they both just wanted to ride on this bench, lol.
Giant tortoise                                  flamingos
A baby jellyfish & a "yellow fish" as Addy calls it.

We ended up staying a couple of hours & having a WONDERFUL time! I can't wait until it really cools down for good & we can use our zoo pass and go a lot more!

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