Monday, December 19, 2011

Addy's Check Up

Thursday was Addy's check up with Dr. Antekeier at the Texas Children's Hospital clinic in Sugar Land. And IT WENT GREAT!!!! 

There is always a long wait when seeing Dr. Antekeier. Addy passed the time by coloring. (Yes, those are pajama pants that she's wearing. It was Polar Express day at school.)

And by giving herself an exam, lol! First she checked her nose,

then her ears,

and then her eyes!

And finally we got to see the doctor! He ordered x rays of Addy's legs to make sure that her right leg is growing straight after her injury. (She was able to stand on her own for the x rays, unlike last time.) Then Dr. Antekeier had her lay down & do bicycles with her legs & kick his hands. And he had her run up & down the hall while he watched her gait. After examing her & looking at her x rays, he said that she looks great & does not have to come back! Yay!!! I'm SO GLAD this whole experience is over & that Addy is 100% again!

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