Thursday, December 8, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Even though the first official day of winter is still 2 weeks away, it sure feels like winter outside! Which I'm LOVING!!! So I guess it's time to take down our Fall Fun for the Family list & put up our Winter Wonderland Wishes list.

This is Addy's first year of full day school. And I didn't realize how "restricting" school would be, lol. So because of school, most of our activites had to be done either on the weekends or with just me & Alex. And even though we did a lot of activities, we didn't get to do as much as we wanted to because of Addy's injured knee.

But here is what we did get to do....
go to the zoo
make fall crafts
have lunch with daddy
draw, paint & color (Addy's artwork)

go trick or treating
spin art
go to the Stomping Grounds
go to The Glazery (Addy painted a cat statue & made it a tiger!)
have a playdate with our cousins
go to a Halloween festival
make Rice Krispie treats
take a Gymboree class
go to Bounce Zone
get our faces painted
carve & paint pumpkins
play hopscotch
go to Gattitown (Alex stuffing his face, lol)
go to Dewberry Farms
make cookies
go to the library
& have a playdate with Clay

So as you can see, we did accomplish a lot!
And here is our new list of fun things to do this winter....
decorate the Christmas tree
string popcorn garland
drive around & look at Christmas lights
open presents
ride the Polar Express train
go to the zoo
Children's museum
make ornaments
Christmas crafts
make cookies for Santa
visit grandparents
play with cousins
play date with friends
go ice skating
drink hot chocolate
build a fire in the fireplace
read Christmas stories
go to Stomping Grounds
celebrate New Years
watch Christmas movies
sing Christmas carols
go to the library
make Valentine's cards
make Valentine crafts

I'm also going to add these to our list because I'm hoping it snows...
play in the snow
make a snowman
have a snowball fight

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