Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Friday, the kids decorated Christmas cookies. They started with gingerbread men & then also decorated a few sugar cookies. The plan was to leave the sugar cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve but when I asked Alex if he wanted to, he said "No thanks!" So Santa didn't get any cookies at our house! (I'm guessing Alex didn't want to have to share his cookies with Santa, lol.)  

They started off all nice & neat....

but once sprinkles got involved...

they ended up with a huge mess!


Alex's (left) & Addy's (right) gingerbread man

Later that night, we got the kids their baths & in their pjs & drove around to look at Christmas lights. Nick & I both love Christmas lights & the kids seem to also! Addy said they were "twinkly lights" & Alex said they were "so beautiful!" Here are some of our favorites...

The Sienna Christmas tree

This snowman was almost as tall as this 2 story house!

Of course the kids loved this one!!!!

and this one

Addy looking at the lights

Poor Alex fell asleep & missed out on some of the lights. But, the next morning he looked at the pictures of them in my phone!

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