Saturday, December 10, 2011

Make & Take Craft Night

As you all know, I'm pretty crafty! And I've really been wanting to make some Christmas crafts. Britany & I went to the Nutcracker Market a few weeks ago & saw a lot of cute Christmas decorations that we thought looked fairly easy (and would be much cheaper) to make. And so we decided to get together & have a girls night of Christmas crafting!

Thursday night, Kassi, Carrie & I went to Britany's house for a make & take night. The plan was that we each bring a craft (and bring enough for everyone to make it) and when we leave we would all have 4 crafts. Like I said, that was the plan, lol. It didn't quite work out that way, but we had a lot of fun so who cares!

Our first project was to decoupage the wooden letters JOY with wrapping paper. This was Kassi's craft. Kassi told us to wrap the paper around the letters but I decided to do mine a little different. First I painted each of my letters. Next I traced the letter onto the wrapping paper & when I cut it out, I cut it inside the lines so that the paper would be a little smaller than the wooden letter. And then I modge podged the paper onto the letter. I decoupaged the J & Y but I left the O painted red. I think it turned out really cute!

We were so full of JOY that Carrie, Britany & Kassi tried to spell it out, lol!
(Almost girls, almost!)

My Santa door hanger was our next craft. (I'm going to do another post with detailed directions on how to make it.) I went ahead & cut out all the pieces since I'm a FASTer crafter than most!
Kassi has a 2 month old & while we were making the Santa door hanger, her husband called & said that Logan was upset. So she finished painting her Santa & left.

Britany has a scratched cornea & so she didn't bring a craft for the group to make. So our last craft for the evening was Carrie's craft, painting glass ornaments. I put red & green paint inside of the ornament & swirled it around. It started to mix & turn brown & looked terrible so I washed it out. Carrie painted her daughter's name on one side of her ornament & a Christmas tree on the other. It looked really cute! And Britany painted a "C" for Clay & polka dots on her ornament.

So at the end of our Christmas Make & Take Night, I went home empty handed, lol! My JOY & Santa were still drying & I didn't finish my ornament. But I had A LOT OF FUN WITH MY PLAYDATE MAMAS!

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