Friday, December 2, 2011

Who's House, CiCi's House!

On Friday, November 25th, we went to mom's house for bookclub. It was Brooke's turn to host & the book was Alas Babylon. I really enjoyed this book!
As always, we had a great time at bookclub & the kids & I ended up staying at mom's for a few more hours. We played outside for most of the time and had lots of fun!

CiCi brought the kids to PopPop's garden and let them pick some veggies.
They picked eggplant, broccoli, zucchini,

& spinach. Alex helped pick &

Addy held the bowl.

Alex & Clark (aka Lex Luther & Superman)

My sweet beautiful babies!!!!

Mom drilled a few holes in her back fence so that the kids could see....

this! Chickens in her neighbor's backyard.

Alex picked an orange, started peeling it & then threw it on the ground. And this bee found it. I was fascinated with this bee because it let us get really close to it & would not fly away. Hannah was even able to pick the orange up & the bee didn't fly off. I guess if you have a STINGER on your hinny you don't have to be scared of humans, lol!

Cousins playing with play-doh

Addy made a snail

& a butterfly!

Alex playing in Chloe's exersaucer. (He's way too big for it!)

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