Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Autism Awareness Snowflake Ornament

I saw on Pinterest a snowflake ornament made from painted puzzle pieces. They were really cute so I wanted to make them as one of the ornaments for Addy's teachers.  I started thinking that since Addy is on the autism spectrum & that puzzle pieces are the "symbol' for autism, I wanted to incorporate that into the snowflake somehow. So here's what I did.

First I (with some help from Alex) painted the puzzle pieces with Kilz primer. I gave them 5 coats & then let them dry overnight.

The next morning, I took 12 puzzle pieces for each snowflake & painted them with silver glitter glue. And I took one extra piece & painted it light blue. Then I cut a small round circle from posterboard to use as a base. I hotglued the ends of 2 pieces together & did this 6 times to make the 6 parts of the snowflake. Then I arranged them on the posterboard circle & hotglued it all together.  I hotglued a blue puzzle piece in the middle and a white ribbon on the back.

Ta-Da, an Autism Speaks Puzzle Piece Ornament!

Disclaimer: Obviously, this is not an official "Autism Speaks" ornament. But, if anyone from Autism Speaks happens to read this, my husband has a few thoughts for you...
He thinks you need to ramp up your marketing. At the walk this year, he thought you should have been selling shirts & pens & cups & koozies & everything else. Make & sell these ornaments too (but make them from metal bc the puzzle pieces get kind of flimsy after painting.) I know you sell stuff on your website, but it's not very publicized. He says that if we win the lotto he will quit his job & he will volunteer to be the new marketing person for you! Or better yet, email me now & I'm sure he'd be happy to share some ideas with you!

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