Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Heart Day!

This post is a obviously a few days late since Valentine's Day was on Tuesday. But oh well, better late than never, right!

Valentine's is not a BIG day at our house, but we do still celebrate. I like to put a few decorations out & of course I get a little something for the kids & for Nick. 

Alex LOVES cammy (as he calls it) so he got lots of candy for Valentine's Day.

I got Addy a stuffed pink unicorn.

And Maryse some pink furry boots.

I got Nick a big bag of candy & he brought me to get a manicure & pedicure. Don't my toes look pretty!

Addy had her school Valentine's party that afternoon. The kids made ice cream sundaes & played Valentine's bingo. Addy didn't want to play, but she did sit by me while I led the bingo game. She looked so cute in her new Valentine's dress, but refused to look at me for a picture.

And for dinner, Nick & I went to Churrascos. It was the first time for us to eat there & it was yummy!

On Wednesday, I hosted our play group Valentine's party.  The kids decorated bags to put their Valentine's cards in & then decorated & ate cookies.

Alex decorating his bag

Carson & his mommy Celeste decorating his bag

Clay painting

Alex apparently felt the need to paint his hand!


Cookie decorating time...

That's a lot of sprinkels, son!


The kiddos exchanging Valentines.

So all in all, Valentine's was a good day for us. But now we are overflowing with candy, which is not great for my diet! (Because I LOVE cammy, just like Alex does!) And as soon as all this candy is gone (which means we've eaten it, definitely not throw it away) Easter will be here & that means lots more candy!!!

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