Sunday, February 26, 2012

Rodeo Run 10K

Most of you who read this blog are on facebook, so you already know that yesterday Nick & I ran in our first 10K. It was the 25th annual Rodeo Run & included both a competitive 10K & a 5K fun run/walk. There were 15,000 people signed up with 6385 of them running the 10K. So it was our biggest run to date!


Keith went with us, but he ran in the 5K


I wasn't nervous beforehand because I wasn't expecting to do very well for 2 reasons:
1. because it was my first 10K &
2. because there were so many people participating.
But I was pleasantly surprised when the results were posted online.

I finished in 48 minutes & 23 seconds with a pace of 7.47.

And Nick finished in 51 minutes & 55 seconds with a pace of 8.21.

Nick & I both did AWESOME! I am very proud of us.
It's funny, because I hate to run on a everyday basis, but when I'm running competitively, it's a whole different situation. I just find my groove & go!
So what's next our next goal, maybe a half marathon???
(I'm not committing to that just yet, lol!)

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