Wednesday, February 1, 2012


If you have an Iphone or Ipad & you don't have Instagram, you're missing out! It's a free social networking type app but you only post pictures not statuses. It's a lot of fun & I recommend you download it.

During the month of January, I participated in something called Instagram A Day. There was a list of one photo for each day of the month that you were supposed to take a picture of & post it. Here is the list...

And here are my pictures & my captions...

Oh look, it's me! Day 1

Day 2: My breakfast: creamer with a little coffee, lol

Day 3: Something I adore...
These 2 guys & the fact that they are best friends!!!

Day 4: Letterbox

Day 5: Something I wore... My fuzzy Mickey mouse pj pants.

Day 6: what makes me smile... Getting checks in the mail!

Day 7: my favorite drink!

Day 8: my sky while running tonight.

Day 9: daily routine... Working out on the incline trainer is how I usually start my day.

Day 10: Childhood. I was a thumb sucker!

Day 11: Where I sleep

Day 12: a close up of my old old old Nokia I found in the garage.

Day 13: In my bag...Wallet, makeup bag, wipee case, coupon holder, 2 ipod touches, a notebook & notepad, game stop reward card, 2 pens, 162 buddy bucks points from HEB, a lot of receipts, a recipe card, a mini candy cane & a peppermint, earbuds, a pair of Alex's socks, a silly straw, a bouncy ball & a top. A very interesting collection indeed!

Day 14: what I'm reading

Day 15: the hubs makes me so happy!

Day16: Morning... Nick & his dad got up early to finish putting the swing set together. I watched!

Day 17: smart water... The water that smart people drink!

Day 18: Here's what I bought today

Day 19: Sweet... A sweet sleepy girl & her sweet kitty

Day 20: 2 someones that I love and 2 more someones I love.

Day 21: Reflection

Day 22: my magic running shoes... These are the only tennis shoes I've ever found that don't make my feet hurt.

Day 23: Something old... 2 old men...Oh I'm so mean...Lol

Day 24: My guilty pleasure... Hershey chocolate bar & peanut butter. Oh it's soooo good!

Day 25: Something I made...Protein shake for breakfast with a banana, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder & almond milk.

Day 26: Color... Addy painted this when she was 2.

Day 27: I'm having eggos for lunch today.

Day 28: Let there be light

Day 29: Inside my fridge

Day 30: Nature... I love the fact that knock out roses basically bloom all year long!

Day 31: It's me again... this time I come to you as a pirate, arg!

And I just found out there's an Instagram a Day for February also! Yay, I'm going to do it. I had a lot of fun doing this. Why don't you download Instagram & join me!

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