Sunday, February 12, 2012

Nick's Birthday Weekend

Nick's birthday is tomorrow. So for our February monthly date, I arranged for the kiddos to go spend the weekend with Nick's parents while Nick & I had a weekend alone to celebrate his birthday.

After dropping off the kids, I got home around 5:30. And then it was time for our relaxing weekend to start. Nick decided that he wanted Mexican food for dinner (not much of a shock there since we could both eat Mexican food everyday!) & so we decided to go to Pappasitos for dinner.

We ordered the flaming queso. They actually set it on fire at the table!

Yes, we know, that is A LOT of food!

After dinner, we were stuffed & tired. We checked, but there weren't any movies at the theater that we wanted to see so we went home, snuggled up in bed, watched DVRed shows & then passed out.

Saturday morning, we slept in (lol, of course we didn't). Around 11, we went running together. We ran a 10K, my first! I finished it in 49 minutes & 39 seconds which was a 7:58 pace. A little slower than I usually run, but a longer distance.

After running, we showered & got dressed & went &
had a late lunch at Grimaldi's Pizzeria.

We ordered a white pizza with garlic, pepperonis & italian sausage.

After lunch, we ran by Kohls because I wanted to get one of those cake ball makers. And while there, we ran into the mother of all sales, 40% off all clearence items! I found lots of clothes for Addy for cheap!

Later that evening, we went to P.F. Chang's for dinner
and had another great meal.

And the most delicious dessert, banana spring rolls with pineapple ice cream.

my fortune

So basically, Nick & I had a weekend of eating, lol! We ate so much & so bad that I gained 3 lbs this weekend. (As sad as that makes me, it was totally worth it! But back on my diet I go tomorrow.)

By Sunday, we were really missing the kids and ready for them to be home. The house was just too quiet & too clean. Nick made breakfast, we worked out, we ate lunch, I worked on Valentine's crafts & Nick watched TV. Basically, we just piddled around til about 2 when Nick left to go pick up the kids. He got home around 4 & boy was I glad to see my babies!

It's around 9 oclock now & back to normal. Addy is sharing a bowl of popcorn with Nick & picking out the yellowest pieces of popcorn while Alex is jumping off the ottoman. The house is noisy & messy & everything is right in my little world!

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