Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Painted Hearts

After making the painted Santas at Christmas time, I still had a lot of rolled canvas left over. So I decided to make a heart for my front door for Valentine's Day. Here's how I made it...

rolled canvas
red paint
black paint pen
1 piece of posterboard
letter stencil
hot glue gun & glue

1. I drew a heart on a piece of posterboard. Then I cut it out & used it as a template. I then traced the template onto the canvas 2 times, one for the front & one for the back. Then I painted the hearts red.

2. After the red paint was dry, I stenciled The Stricklands on one of the hearts with a black paint pen.

3. When the black paint was dry, I cut both the hearts out. I put them together with the unpainted sides touching. I hotglued around the edges, stuffing with polyfil while gluing.

4. Once the heart was completely stuffed & glued together, I used a hole punch & cut a hole in the top of the heart.

5. Then I cut a piece of Valentine's ribbon & strung it through the hole. I tied a bow in the top & used that to hang the heart.

I thought it turned out really cute, so I made one for my mom & for my sisters and one for each of Addy's teachers for Valentine's Day.

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