Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Playgroup at the Park

Today I took Alex to the park for our playgroup.
Here are a few pictures...

(He has his "baba & juice" in just about every picture. He would not put them down today!)

Alex was pretending that the airplane springy toy (you can see part of it in the background of this picture) was broken & that he needed to fix it. So he found some sticks & pretended that they were tools. This stick is his hammer. He also found a stick screwdriver & saw. Then he told me to come help him fix the airplane. Once we fixed the airplane, he told me to ride in the back & be the passenger & he rode in the front & was the pilot. And he said "Are you ready for take off Passenger Mommy?" Lol, he has such an imagination!

Fixing the tunnel with his stick hammer

Love this picture!!!

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