Monday, February 6, 2012

Student of the Week

Addy is Student of the Week at school this week. What that encompasses at school, well... I'm not really sure, lol! But I do know that the Student of the Week gets to bring home the class pets for the weekend. So when I picked Addy up from school on Friday, she had with her Jungles the monkey & Prickles the porcupine. (They are Ty Beanie babies, by the way, not real, live animals!)

We had to decorate a few pages in Jungles & Prickles scrapbook showing what they did with Addy over the weekend. (This was my homework. I didn't start on it til around 11pm Sunday night, but I did get it done.)

Addy also let Jungles play in one of the fake plants & then made him a cape so that he could be Super Jungles.

And we had to fill out a Student of the Week poster for Addy to bring to school with her on Monday. Jungles & Prickles were a big help with it!

Here's Addy on Monday morning before school with her finished poster.

Since it was a very wet & rainy weekend, Jungles & Prickles didn't get to play outside. But as you can see, Addy kept them very busy. She pretty much played with them the whole weekend. She had a lot of fun with them & we enjoyed looking through their scrapbook. I think having these stuffed animals as class pets is a very cute idea & it's just another example of why I'm so grateful that she is in Mrs. Cochran's Kindergarten class!

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